• Consulting and installations for SMEs and mid-size homes: We help individuals and small businesses reduce their energy costs through various solar power options. We also hold small workshops that share how to calculate their exact power needs (sizing), how to ask installers the right (and critical) questions, and how much they can save by installing solar.
  • Basic solar for Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs): Primary healthcare centres across Nigeria bring quality care to rural and urban areas. Solar Jooce provides basic solar energy to PHCs for a transformative impact on primary healthcare and other daily activities of rural and periurban communities.
  • Solar 101 workshops for youth: The future of the economy is in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). To contribute to a culture of innovation, Solar Jooce runs a series of week-long basic solar (hands-on) workshops throughout the year, working with a range of partners and people to deliver the best possible curriculum to students in Nigeria. The idea is to prepare young ones for the most lucrative careers across different industries where leveraging a tech skill-set will distinguish each person onto a path of success.